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Vintage Sterling Models Collectors Resource Site

Sterling RYAN S-T (Kit #C-7)

This site is dedicated to the collector and builder of vintage Sterling airplane and ship models.  It is intended to provide research materials for use in preserving those models no longer in production.  This site represents both an archive and a resource for the serious collector and builder.  Material on file include plans, die cut templates, parts list, decals, catalogs, and photographs from all the 170+ Sterling models produced over the many decades the Philadelphia-based company was in business.  This is a 2-way SHARE site.  It is being built by enthusiasts, like yourself, who want to give material as much as receive.  The idea is helping complete all of our collections by exchanging missing materials.  Only together can we complete the task of collecting and preserving all of this material.  By contributing preservation material from just one model, you will eventually have access to 100 others.  This is strictly a non-profit endeavor.
Old Sterling
AMA# 139365
Vintage R/C Society # 921

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1965 Dealer Catalog Cover


Kit FS-20 Stearman PT-17 by Gerardo Gālvez

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