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1958 Cessna 175
Let the building begin

 Well after renting other planes for some time, and watching our wallets drain when the bill came in we decided to buy our own. Dan Clossman, Matt Elder, and myself decided to partner up on this little gem. She may not be pretty now, but give us some time.

Our new/old Cessna 175 

One of my partners Dan clossman inspecting the new bird.

Our first flight together after buying 24M Dan is behind the camera, Matt and I up front.

Our first breakfast club in 24M. Matt overslept so I went solo.

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 I copied this from my partner Matt Elders site so I really should give him credit for taking the time to type it, I'm really lazy when it comes to keyboards.
 Astute viewers could tell this was a 1958 Cessna 175. The 175 series was only produced by Cessna between the years of 1958 and 1962. With only a couple thousand made, it's a pretty rare bird indeed.

This 175 is powered by a Cont. GO-300, which is a gear driven brother to the standard 145HP O-300. Making around 175HP, it pulls the C175 through the air at a cruise speed of about 120-125 kts (10-15 kts more than a new C-172). Since the C-175 was a flying testbed for 172 modifications, the airframes are basically identical, save for the engine cowl and the higher stance (for the big 84" prop it swings.)

Load carrying ability is a couple hundred pounds more than current production C-172's, making this a TRUE 4-place aircraft.