Bird Blocks

There was only one more opening to close up for winter.  The gaps between the ceiling and the top wall logs needed to be filled with bird blocks.  But while most bird blocks are up in the attic, these lead into the main cabin space so they have to look nice.

When cutting around the logs in hard to reach spaces, it's nice to use pieces of cardboard to make templates so you only have to cut the plywood once.  For the little pieces on top of the ridge pole and the bird blocks this is especially true.  I found I could even reuse the same pieces of cardboard several times as I moved along.

They ended up fitting pretty well and what doesn't fit exactly I sealed with foam from the back side.  The bird-blocks are nailed to 2x4s which I installed BEFORE I put on the roof.  I should have snapped a chalk line to make them all line up with one another since I had to move a few of them.  Inside, on the top, I screwed in a 2x6 so the bird-blocks will be more vertical inside the house whereas outside they are perpendicular to the roof.  The irregular size also allows me to stuff in a little more insulation which can't hurt.
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