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"It's the quiet of a storm approaching that I fear the most"

Name: Lucien Thaddeus Kaine

House: Gryffindor

Year: 7th

Age: 18

Blood: "pure" (See info on his father)

Ethnicity: 3/4 English, 1/4 French


Eye Color: brown

Hair: brown, slightly curly, shoulder-length

Height: 6' 1"

Hand Dexterity: left


Wand: Atlas cedar, phoenix feather, 9 1/2"

Pet: Desert Eagle owl (aka Pharaoh owl) named Nicodemus (Demus)



Birthday: October 10

Place of Birth: York, England

Current Location: either Castle Irondune near Tamanrasset, Algeria or the Mistrom family estate in North Yorkshire, England

Relationship Status: single

Physical Appearance: Lucien has curly brown hair, cut to shoulder length, and pensive dark brown eyes. He is lean and slightly tall and has a tanned completion due to his years spent in the desert sun. Lucien is very fit from fencing and flying his broom (though not very skilled at quidditch, he is very adept at flight itself). When not in school robes, Lucien is usually dressed in white and black and wears black army boots.


Lucien has small, round scar from a puncture wound on the right side of his abdomen. He got it when he was nine, just before his move to Irondune, but never says any more about it. He usually keeps it carefully hidden to avoid any discussion about how he got it.


Personality: Generally quiet and shy, Lucien is an introvert who tends to avoid crowds, rarely speaks to anyone unless they speak to him first, and likes to have time alone. However, he is actually very friendly and considerate once he warms up to someone. His mother raised him as a gentleman, since he is of noble blood and also must play the part of a pureblood wizard. He also possesses a fiery and sometimes rebellious temper, which he inherited from his father. He usually does a fine job at keeping his anger in check, but his father knows how to provoke him.


Because he must act like a pureblood, Luc tries to avoid talking about his feelings on Muggles and "mudbloods." He also mingles with Slytherin purebloods, as is expected of him. However, Lucien is a true Gryffindor – brave and honorable. He often focuses his passionate spirit on helping others. He puts a lot of effort into his schoolwork and even more into his artwork. Drawing and painting are his favorite hobbies.



Father: General Thaddeus Byron Kaine, "pure-blood" (actually half-blood). Kaine, a proud Englishman, married Lady Mistrom solely because she is the heiress of Irondune. A renowned general, Kaine has been spiteful of Lucien for years because of the boy’s unwillingness to follow in his footsteps.


Mother: Lady Elizabeth Anne (Mistrom) Kaine, pure-blood. Elizabeth is a beautiful and charming witch of pure and noble blood.


History: Lucien was born and raised on the Mistrom estate in North Yorkshire, England. When he was born, both of his parents were thrilled to have a son until the baby boy fell ill. When he was only weeks old, Lucien nearly died. He was a figher even then, and pulled through with the help of the healers at St. Mungo's. However, this was the first time Thaddeus Kaine, seeing only weakness in his son, doubted Lucien's worth as an heir. It was not to be the last. Lucien spent his childhood trying to live up to his father's very high expectations and constantly feeling as though he was failing at it.


When Lucien was nine, he and his father moved to Irondune, a wizard fortress hidden in the Sahara Desert (somewhere near the Muggle city of Tamanrasset). Elizabeth, who has had a history of illness, remained in England because she could not stand the harsh desert climate or the austere castle.


Thaddeus kept his son with him and attempted to train the boy into a fighter. Lucien, however, consistently refused to give in to his father's wishes, and turned his room at Irondune into an art studio while Kaine would rather he studied battle strategies or joined him on his annual hunt. Kaine sees Lucien’s artistic talent as a sign of weakness and also secretly detests his son’s magical abilities, the only strength Lucien possesses that he lacks.


During his first year at Irondune, Lucien snuck out into the desert. He was caught in a sandstorm and would have died if a local wizard had not saved him. The man, named Hakim, took the nine year old under his wing and taught him many things about the desert, magic, and himself. Hakim is an animagus, though he has yet to reveal his animal form (a desert monitor) to Lucien. Over the years, the eccentric wise man has taught the boy wandless magic, especially elemental manipulation, used by the desert wizards. He has also begun training Lucien to become an animagus.


Lucien received a letter from Hogwarts when he was eleven. He accepted and was sorted into Gryffindor, but to his classmates' surprise, his father pulled him out of school within the first week with no explanation. (This is actually due to the fact that he was not sorted into Slytherin as all Kaines before Thaddeus had been.) Lucien was instead taught by a tutor because Thaddeus wanted him to learn the Dark Arts. Lucien, as stubborn as his father, refused to study them. After much pressure from Elizabeth (and after giving up on making the boy into a suitable heir), Thaddeus finally allowed Lucien to go to Hogwarts at the beginning of his fifth year.


Other: In addition to English, Lucien also speaks fluent French and a little Arabic.


The summer before his Sixth Year at Hogwarts, he first managed to take his animal form, his proudest accomplishment to date, but he has told no one about this.

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Lucien is portrayed by Paul Anthony Stewart.

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