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"What I would do to be lost in your embrace"

Name: Elizabeth Anne (Mistrom) Kaine
Age: 37
Occupation: none (noble)
Blood: Pure
Ethnicity: 1/2 English, 1/2 French
Birthday: May 12
Place of Birth: Misrom Manor in North Yorkshire, England
Current Location: Misrom Manor in North Yorkshire, England
(Mistrom Manor is her father's ancestral estate)

Elizabeth is a true lady in both title and manner. Her father, Edward Mistrom, was an English earl, and her mother was a French lady by the name of Lucienne Laroche, who was the daughter of Duc Pierre Laroche. It is through the Laroche side of her family that Elizabeth is heiress of Irondune.


Elizabeth was only twenty when she married General Thaddeus Kaine. Though Thaddeus married her for her inheritance and has rarely shown any tenderness toward her, Elizabeth loves him and longs only for him to love her in return.

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Elizabeth is portrayed by Lena Olin.

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