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Name: General Thaddeus Byron Kaine
Age: 43
Occupation: General in the Royal Militia (Muggle military), Governor of Tahat Province in Algeria (Wizard province), Liege at Irondune*
Blood: "pure" (half-blood, squib)
Ethnicity: English
Birthday: July 6
Place of Birth: Canterbury, England
Current Location: Irondune Castle, Algeria
*Irondune fell to Kaine by marriage, not by birth.
Though you would never know it, Thaddeus is not as confident as he pretends to be. This is due mostly to the fact that he was the first half-blood born into a line of pure-blood wizards, thanks to his mother's affair with a Muggle, whom Thaddeus has never met. His mother, Alsandra, and her husband, Murdock, raised the boy as a Kaine to cover up the affair, but Murdock seemed to pretend that Thaddeus didn't exist most of the time.
To make matters worse, Thaddeus soon found that he was gifted with almost no magical abilities. His were distraught upon learning this, and he has tried to hide it all his life in an attempt to keep the family's dignity (what little remains) intact. Failing at magic, Thaddeus vanished from the wizarding world for a good part of his teens and early twenties to join the Muggle military. When he was twenty-six, he married Lady Elizabeth Mistrom.
He is a good leader and has his public convinced that he is a family man. In truth, however, he and Elizabeth have been seperated for years, and he has more than one mistress to keep him occupied instead.

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Thaddeus is portrayed by Stephen Macht.

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