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Castle Irondune

Tour General Kaine's desert fortress.

Note: Game room on third floor. The Kaines' private quarters on second floor. Everything else on map located on first floor.

1. Foyer

This is the view upon entering through the side enterance. The main entrance is on the right. The doors on the left lead into the Main Hall. The opposite door leads to General Kaine's weaponry display room.
The stairs through the doorway on the landing (halfway up the main staircase) lead to Lucien's room on the second level.

2. Main Hall

This is the view upon entering the Main Hall. The doors on the far side of the room lead to General Kaine's strategy room.

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3. General Kaine's Room

4. Lucien's Room

Lucien has turned his room into an art studio.

5. Game Room

Billiards and darts are the soldiers' favorites.

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