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"You are my best friend"

Name: Connor Xavier Talien
Age: 45
Occupation: journalist for a local wizard paper
Blood: pure
Ethnicity: Irish
Birthday: December 10
Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland
Current Location: Northern California, USA
History: Connor was born in Galway, Ireland, to an Irish witch and an English wizard. The family moved to Manchester, England, when he was a five. Connor's parents moved once again, this time to the east coast of the United States, when he was twelve. He had just begun attending Hogwarts, so he decided to remain there despite the distance from his family. (His parents still live on the US east coast.) Connor was sorted into Ravenclaw and excelled at his studies.
Connor and Claudia met in Hogwarts and got engaged shortly after graduating. The couple was wed in Manchester, England, where they had Tobias and Karone before moving to the US.

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Name: Claudia Christine (Blair) Talien
Age: 43
Occupation: owns a wizard coffee shop
Blood: Muggle-born witch
Ethnicity: English
Birthday: November 29
Place of Birth: Leeds, England
Current Location: Northern California, USA
History: Claudia is from an English Muggle family. When she got her letter from Hogwarts, her parents and younger brother sent her off but refused to have anything to do with her. The only Muggle family member that accepted Claudia is her sister Diana. (As a result of their continuing friendship with the Taliens, Diana and her family know more about the wizarding world than most Muggles.) At Hogwarts, Claudia was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Connor and Claudia are portrayed by Kenneth Branagh and Kim Delaney.

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