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Name: Tobias Gabriel Talien

Nickname: Toby

Age: 21

Occupation: Chaser for Appleby Arrows

Former School: Hogwarts (Hufflepuff)

Blood: half-blood

Ethnicity: 3/4 English, 1/4 Irish


Eye Color: hazel (i.e. brown with a little green in them)

Hair: blond, curly

Height: 6' 2"

Hand Dexterity: right


Wand: redwood, dragon heartstring, 10"

Pet: Screech owl named Maximus Brankovitch IV (Max) after Maximus Brankovitch III, seeker of the Fitchburg Finches and US team captain

Broom: Firebolt


Birthday: April 4

Place of Birth: Manchester, England

Current Location: Appleby, England

Relationship Status: dating Ariadne Roberts (Gryffindor 7th Year)

Physical Appearance: Tobias has hazel eyes and blond, curly hair. He is 6' 2" tall with an athletic form. He is strong, especially his arms since he is a chaser in quidditch, but his muscles aren't overly obvious. His cheerful laugh comes as easily as his broad, dimpled smile.


Personality: The first impression one tends to get from meeting Toby is that he is an absolute sweet-heart. He is fun-loving, and likes to hang out with his friends, but his family ties are very strong as well. Tobias is rather flirtatious by nature, and, being rather innocent, he doesn't understand the effect this has on girls. Quidditch is his true passion, and he is very serious about the sport and dedicated to his team.


Family/History: Until he moved to England to attend Hogwarts, Tobias lived in northern California in the United States with his parents Connor and Claudia and his younger sisters Karone and Maegan.


Toby was sorted into Hufflepuff (in the same year as the Weasley twins). When he was in his third year, his family moved to America. He was given the option to go with them and transfer to a new school, but he wanted to stay with his friends at Hogwarts.


In his third year, he made the house quidditch team as a chaser (another reason he stayed at Hogwarts). By his fifth year, he was the best chaser on the team, and in his seventh year, the year following the death of his good friend Cedric Diggory, he was made team captain.


Shortly after graduating from Hogwarts, Tobias signed with the Appleby Arrows as a reserve chaser. He has recently made the starting team and is becoming popular with the Appleby fans. He currently resides in Appleby, England. He also hopes to make the US national team in the near future.


Toby likes to hang with the Arrows in an Appleby Pub. However, he also regularly visits Hogsmeade and likes to shop in Diagon Alley, especially for quidditch supplies.


One of Toby's friends is Ariadne Roberts, a Gryffindor the same age as his sister. He realized that he may care for her as more than a friend but was afraid to do anything to jeopardize their friendship. However, he recently discovered that she shared his feelings, and the two are now dating. (Ari's bio)

Want to post with Tobias? He has his own email.

Tobias is portrayed by Heath Ledger.

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