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Name: Juliana Aelia Cassius

Age: 31

Occupation: Hogwarts Professor (Classical Mythology)

Former School: Mt. Olympus School of Sorcery

Blood: pure

Ethnicity: 1/2 Italian, 1/2 Greek


Eye Color: brown

Hair: very dark brown, wavy, length between chin and shoulders

Height: 5’ 8”

Hand Dexterity: right


Wand: laurel, winged-horse feather, 10 5/8"
Pets: two Greek owls named Aphrodite and Hephaestus (Ditie and Hephie), Hephie has a crippled wing (hence his name); a Siamese cat named Artemis
Broom: none

Birthday: January 13

Place of Birth: Rome, Italy

Current Location: either Hogwarts or Rome, Italy

Relationship Status: currently dating Andrew MacLeod

Physical Appearance: Juliana is very beautiful, relatively tall, and slender. She has between chin- and shoulder-length, dark brown hair with a little curl in it, and her eyes are the color of dark chocolate. She always wears a garnet-studded Greek owl pendant given to her by her mother.


Personality: Juliana is a very friendly, caring person; she gets along well with almost everybody. Juliana has always been trusted by her friends and family as a good listener and adviser and plays such a role for any students who need it. She has a great passion for mythology, and her passion for the subject seems to spread to her more attentive students.


Family: Juliana’s father, Tiberius Cassius, a respected wizard who currently works for the Italian Ministry of Magic, was born and raised in Rome, Italy. He went to school at Mt. Olympus School of Sorcery in Greece (the best school of sorcery in the Mediterranean). While studying there, he met Athena Antares, a Greek witch who currently teaches Charms at a small magic school in Rome, and within two years after they graduated, they were married. Juliana is their eldest daughter. She has one sister, Megara (Meg), who recently married a man named Marcus Augustus. Marcus runs a very large wizarding supplies shop in Rome.


History: Juliana was born in Rome, and lived there with her father, mother, and sister until she was eleven. She then moved to Greece to study at Mt. Olympus, as both of her parents had. Juliana specialized in Greek and Roman mythology, though she is also knowledgeable in the myths of several other cultures, such as Norse and Egyptian. She taught Classical Mythology, Latin, and Ancient Greek at a small magic school near Mt. Etna in Sicily for eleven years before coming to teach Mythology at Hogwarts.


Other: She is fluent in Italian and Greek as well as Latin.

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Juliana and Artemis


Juliana is portrayed by Famke Janssen.

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