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"A bell tolls for my heart"

Name: Drago Zoran Karlovic

(pronounced: DRAH-go ZOR-an KAR-lo-vich)

Age: 33

Occupation: Hit Wizard (wizard police)

Former School: Durmstrang Institute

Blood: half-blood

Ethnicity: Croatian


Eye Color: deep blue

Hair: black, short, straight

Height: 6' 4"

Hand Dexterity: right


Wand: new: dark holly, dragon heartstring, 11"
old: hornbeam, unicorn hair, 11 5/8" (broken and replaced)

Pet: none

Broom: none


Birthday: September 9

Place of Birth: Šibenik, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)

Current Location: London, England

Relationship Status: single (widowed)

Personality: Drago has always been a friendly, easygoing, and downright charming person. He used to be very outgoing and can still be at times, but he has been particularly withdrawn for the last four or five years. At times, he can become rather irritable and brooding and may push people away. Once he breaks out of his shell, though, Drago is still a child at heart and can even be a bit flirtatious. He is also very intelligent but generally pretends not to be.
Family: Drago's parents, Goran and Milka Karlovic, still live in his childhood home near Šibenik. Goran makes and sells magic wands. Drago's younger brother Niko is a professional quidditch player and captain of Croatia's national team. Niko has a wife, Sanja, and young daughter, Ivana.
When he was young, Drago married a Muggle woman Danijela and had two children, Jasna and Marko, all now deceased. (See History.)

On September 9, 1964, Drago was the first son born to Goran and Milka Karlovic, a pure-blood wizard and half-blood witch living in Šibenik, Yugoslavia (now the Republic of Croatia). When he was two years old, his younger brother Niko was born.  Drago grew up with a great love for the sea and a respect for the Muggles with whom his family interacted often.


In August 1975, at nearly eleven years old, Drago left home to attend Durmstrang Institute, joined several years later by his younger brother Niko. Drago did not take his studies as seriously as he should have his first few years at school, but he excelled at the classes in which he did make an eventual effort, particularly Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, and Charms. Despite his apparent disinterest in school, Drago is highly intelligent. He has found himself particularly skilled at learning new languages quickly, which has helped him in his international travels.


In 1982, when he graduated and came home from school at the age of seventeen, Drago moved to the city of Zagreb (now the capital of Croatia). While at school, Drago had decided to become a hit wizard, but his plans were put on hold when he met a young Muggle woman named Danijela (pronounced like Daniela). Drago did not tell her that he was a wizard and instead adopted her way of life.


The couple got married a year and a half after they met and moved to Danijela's hometown, the city of Vukovar. After giving up on finding a good Muggle job, Drago worked as a hit wizard for the Yugoslav version of the Ministry of Magic and told Danijela that he had a secret government job that he couldn’t talk about. The couple had two children—a daughter named Jasna (pronounced YAZ-na), and just over four years later, a son, Marko.


A Muggle war erupted shortly after Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, and the city of Vukovar was leveled by Yugoslav forces. Danijela, Jasna, and Marko were killed when their apartment building was struck by a shell during the bombardment. The day Drago's family died, he broke his own wand in two, out of anger that he could do nothing to save them, even with his abilities as a wizard. Afterwards, Drago ignored his parents’ pleas for him to come home to Šibenik and joined the Muggle army to fight for Croatia.
When his tour of duty was finished several years later, he did move back to Šibenik, but not for long. In the following two years he moved to Germany and then to two different cities in Russia before returning to Šibenik.
By this time, some of his old colleagues from the Yugoslav hit wizard squad were working for the new Croatian Ministry of Magic. They convinced Drago to move back to Zagreb to work with them. However, he was too restless to stay in one place for too long, and he quickly accepted an offer to work with the British Ministry as a hit wizard. This was part of an exchange program in which the new Croatian Ministry traded employees with several other international ministries of magic in order to establish the young nation of Croatia as a part of the wizarding world.
Other: Drago speaks fluent Croatian and Russian and fair English, Italian, and German (the last of which he had to learn to attend Durmstrang). His hobbies include fencing, swimming, and diving. He also loves sailing and he and his brother often take his father's sailboat out when they visit home on holidays.



Format is as follows:

date – event (Drago’s age)


Events in italics occur while Drago is living primarily in the wizarding world. Events in normal print occur while Drago is living primarily with Muggles.


  • Sept 1964 – Drago born in Šibenik, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)
  • Mar 1967 – Niko (brother) born (2)
  • Aug 1975 – leaves for school (11)
  • May 1982 – finishes school (17)
  • Sept 1982 – moves to Zagreb, Yugoslavia (18)
  • Oct 1982 – meets Danijela (18)
  • Apr 1985 – marries Danijela (20)
  • Jul 1985 – moves to Vukovar, Yugoslavia; works as hit wizard for Yugoslav MOM (20)
  • Jan 1986 – Jasna (daughter) born (21)
  • Mar 1991 – Marko (son) born (26)
  • June 1991Croatia declares independence (26)
  • Aug 1991 – Danijela and the children are killed when Vukovar is leveled by Yugoslav forces (26)
  • Feb 1992 – joins Muggle army, fights in Bosnia (27)
  • Oct 1994 – moves to Šibenik, Croatia (30)
  • Jan 1995 – moves to Berlin, Germany (30)
  • Aug 1995 – moves to Moscow, Russia (31)
  • Feb 1996 – moves to St. Petersburg,Russia (31)
  • July 1996 – moves back to Šibenik, Croatia (31)
  • Nov 1996 – moves back to Zagreb, Croatia, to join Croatian MOM (32)
  • Jan 1997 – moves to UK to work with British MOM's Magical Law Enforcement Squad (32)

Useful References

  • See the CIA World Fackbook entry for Croatia for useful information as well as an adequate map. (I've seen better, but it has all the cities mentioned in Drago's bio.)
  • Want to learn some Croatian phrases? Click here! This site is one of the best I've found. It includes sound clips for those of you who don't have a clue how to pronounce any of it.

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Drago is portrayed by Goran Visnjic.

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