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Basic Info on My Pirate Roleplaying Project

My sister (Susan) and I have created two pirate ships for role playing. I play the captain for my ship and the first mate for Susan's ship and vice versa. We are working on basic bios for the main crews, many of them available to be role played by anyone joining our role play. The crews are as follows:
Captain: Redd Phoenix (real name: Morgan Martin)
First Mate/Quartermaster: Aric Soroush
Boatswain(s): Rafiq el Musad
Master Gunner: Robert Boneham
Carpenter: James Sutherland
Surgeon: Seamus Quinn
Cabin Boy: Oren
Captain: Rita Wilde
Firstmate/Quartermaster: Jack Avery
Boatswain(s): Alexander Martin, Ashley Monaghan
Master Gunner: Alonzo Ramirez
Carpenter: Jermaine Harper
Surgeon: Edwin Beckett
Cabin Boy: Wesley Owen
For character bios and information on each crew member's job, check out the ships' websites (still in progress):

Redd Phoenix (a.k.a. Morgan Martin)
Captain of the Scimitar

Jack Avery
Captain Wilde's First Mate

Alexander Martin
Captain Wilde's Boatswain

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