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"Do you remember me?
I'm just a shadow now"

"This is where I used to be
Right here beside you"

Name: Danijela Karlovic
Age: 26 (at time of death)
Occupation: waitress (until she became a mother)
Blood: Muggle
Ethnicity: Croatian
Birthday: December 10
Place of Birth: Vukovar, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)
History: Danijela was born and raised an only child in Vukovar. She was very responsible and independent at a young age, and she did very well in school. When she graduated, she moved to Zagreb to start life on her own. She was waiting tables at a small cafe when she served a handsome young man named Drago Karlovic. She always said it was love at first sight, and the couple began to date and got married less than two years later. They then moved to her hometown, Vukovar.
Within a year, Danijela gave birth to her first child, Jasna. Five years later, she had a son, Marko. That same year, Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia, and all three were killed when Vukovar was destroyed in the war.

Danijela is portrayed by Gabriela Spanic.

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