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Name: Niko Karlovic

Age: 30

Occupation: Professional Quidditch Player

Former School: Durmstrang Institute

Blood: Half-blood

Ethnicity: Croatian

Birthday: March 13

Place of Birth: Šibenik, Croatia

Current Location: Zadar, Croatia


History: Niko was born on March 13, 1967, when his brother Drago was two years old. Like his brother, he attended Durmstrang Institute. While at school, he came to love Quidditch. He was an excellent player and became captain of his team. He returned to Šibenik after he graduated and began to look into professional teams.


When he was 21, Niko married a witch named Sanja (SAN-ya). Two years later (in 1990), they had a daughter, Ivana. The following year, the Muggle war killed Drago's family in Vukovar. Niko went to his brother to comfort him but quickly learned that Drago needed time to deal with this tragedy himself. Niko returned to Šibenik until the war ended. In 1995 he and his family moved up the coast to Zadar.

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just weeks before his wedding


holding baby Ivana

Niko is portrayed by Steve Bacic.

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