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"If I reach the middle of the world
I hope I see what genius really looks like"

Name: Jules Verne Littleton

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 4th

Age: 14

Blood: half-blood

Ethnicity: English


Eye Color: brown

Hair: brown

Height: 5' 7"

Hand Dexterity: right


Wand: maple, unicorn hair, 9"

Pet: brown mouse named Phileas "Phil" Fogg

Broom: none


Birthday: December 2

Place of Birth: Oxford, England

Current Location: Oxford, England

Relationship Status: single

Physical Appearance: Jules has short brown hair and brown eyes. Smaller and shorter than most of his male classmates, he is easily overlooked or lost in a crowd. Not at all athletically inclined, he is in fact somewhat clumsy. He looks and acts just as geeky as he really is, wearing glasses at all times and speaking with a slight lisp.


Personality: Though he sometimes seems more interested in school work or hobbies than in making friends, Jules is actually very friendly. He is a geek who longs to fit in, which is why Ravenclaw was a fortunate house placement for him. Jules is very helpful, especially in offering his assistance where his strengths are most applicable -- tutoring anyone who needs help in any of his best subjects. Unfortunately, this is the bulk of his social interaction, and he has never managed to find a solid group of friends in his first years at Hogwarts. He can't quite be described as socially awkward, but he does tend to ramble and talk quickly when he is nervous.


Something of a genius in both Muggle and magical subjects, Jules is a computer geek and math wiz but also very interested in subjects such as Arithmancy, Astronomy, Charms, and Potions. Thanks to his mother's influence, Jules is an avid reader. He enjoys Muggle science fiction by authors such as his namesake Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and Issac Asimov as well as Sherlock Holmes mysteries. However, he generally prefers hands-on work to reading. You're more likely to find him engaged in making potions, working on the computer, or inventing Muggle and magical gadgets in his spare time.


Family: His mother Cassandra ("Cassie"), a bubbly former Ravenclaw fluent in English and French, is witty, imaginative, and compassionate. His father Nigel, a brilliant Muggle math professor fluent in calculus and HTML, is intelligent, rational, and somewhat lacking in social skills. They met in a small bookstore in Paris while Nigel was in town for an academic conference and Cassandra was on holiday. Being rather clumsy, Nigel knocked over a display of books by Jules Verne and Cassie kindly lent a hand in picking them up.


History: Jules was raised in Oxford, England, where his father teaches math at a prestegious Muggle university. While the community is Muggle, Cassie insists on running her household in a more magical fashion. This means disguising a number of magical objects as everyday Muggle ones (and is, perhaps, the root of Jules' interest in charming Muggle objects and otherwise combining his parents' two cultures). Through his parents, Jules has learned how to do most tasks in both the Muggle and wizard fashion, though some aspects of Muggle life still confound him.


Jules has no siblings but is not at all spoiled (despite the fact that his well-off parents could lavish their only son with just about anything he desires). The Littletons are sensible, matter-of-fact people and have raised Jules to be content with little and focused on intellectual and emotional wealth rather than money. Though he isn't sure what he wants to do when he grows up, he knows he can do anything he puts his mind to and wants to have a job that he enjoys above all else.


Until he was eleven, Jules was home-schooled. His mother taught him subjects like reading, writing, and history (magical but also Muggle to the best of her ability), and his father gave him math lessons, including some advanced arithmatic beyond what most Muggles his age would have been learning in school (since Jules inheirited his father's knack for numbers).


He began attending Hogwarts when he was eleven years old, and was sorted into Ravenclaw like his mother before him. He has few very close friends, but is on good terms with all of his housemates and most other students in his year. He is not as introverted as some Ravenclaw bookworms tend to be but is too awkward and clumsy to be overly outgoing.

Jules is portrayed by Michael Wesley-Smith.

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