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Name: William Barry

Nickname: Will

Age: 28


Former School: Hogwarts (Hufflepuff)

Blood: half-blood

Ethnicity: English


Eye Color: blue

Hair: light brown (almost blond)

Height: 5' 10"

Hand Dexterity: right


Wand: birch, phoenix feather, 10 1/4"

Pet: none



Birthday: October 6

Place of Birth: London, England

Current Location: London, England

Relationship Status: single

Physical Appearance:




Family: His father is a wizard, who works in the Department of Magical Transportation at the Ministry of Magic, and his mother is a Muggle waitress. The couple divorced when William was eleven years old but remain friends to this day. His father remarried a witch, and they have a daughter, William's half-sister.


History: William grew up in a small house in the middle of London, hidden from Muggle eyes. His family was by no means rich, but his parents never gave him reason to worry about money. They managed to save enough to pay for Hogwarts and buy him a decent broomstick for quidditch.


He was always facinated by his father's flying motorcycle. When he was a teenager, he and his father spent their summers fixing up a motorcycle which his father later enchanted to fly and gave to Will as a birthday present.


On his first train ride to Hogwarts, William met another first year, a Welsh pureblood named Kevyn Rhys (played by Susan). Both were sorted into Hufflepuff and have been loyal friends ever since. William, a history buff, got his mate through History of Magic. In return, Kev, being more patient and meticulous, saved Will's Potions grade. Both played for the Hufflepuff quidditch team, William as a beater and Kevyn as seeker. William always watched Kevyn's back in quidditch, and their relationship hasn't changed much after Hogwarts.


After graduation, Kevyn opened a business in Diagon Alley. William is co-owner, handling the financial side of the business.

William is portrayed by Jamie Bamber.

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