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About Us
About Us

Our Origin and Outlook

New Perspective formed in the summer of 2007 in response to the suspension of the annual AASD Actors Festival.  With the core belief that such a festival serves as a powerful marketing tool for all theatre artists, our wholly volunteer "staff" set out to fill the void.  

As a new entity, New Perspective had no coffers from which to mount a festival, yet we accepted no submission fees, requested no membership fees, and took no donations of any kind.  Still, from this starting point of zero funds, we were able to mount a 6-night festival of 24 short works written by local authors, envisioned by local directors, and performed by local actors in June of 2008.

On each of those six nights, we filled a 100-seat house.  Even with our low ticket prices  ($12 and under) and complimentary seating for our playwrights and directors; the press; and area agents and artistic directors, we were able not only to break even, but also to compensate our volunteer staff for their years' efforts, pay our technical staff for their tireless work in the month of June, and provide a wine and cheese reception for participants on closing night.  

In the summer of 2008, New Perspective was led by:

Kelly Lapczynski: Festival Director

Sally Stockton: Technical Director

Kristina Meek: Marketing Director

Jennie Olson: Box Office Manager

Upon the closing of the 2008 festival the board was dissolved, as was the festival's association with Vantage Theatre.  New Perspective became an independent entity owned and operated by Founding President Kelly Lapczynski. 

Building on the success of the first year's effort, New Perspective returned to Swedenborg Hall in the summer of 2009, again accepting no submission or membership fees and again able not only to break even but also to thank our technical crew and participants from the revenue generated in ticket sales.  

The 2009 team:

Kelly Lapczynski: Festival Director, Marketing, Box Office

Marie Miller: Technical Director

Lizzie Silverman: Company Stage Manager

Many thanks to Rev. Carla Friedrich and the staff of Swedenborg Hall.

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