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"New Perspective Festival is a gritty tribute to the local performance scene...."

-- Martin Jones Westlin, San Diego CityBeat


December 2009 Update:

New Perspective has received many messages in recent months asking whether there will be a festival in 2010.  Thank you, all, for your interest in and support of this event -- a labor of love which had grown to promise an exciting third year.  It is with some bittersweet regret, then, that I announce that there will be no third year of this festival. 

As owner and festival director for the past two years, I have devoted countless hours to this endeavor; however, in 2010 those important hours which would be spent selecting plays, finding directors, and holding auditions will find me instead performing back-to-back shows on Nashville stages -- too distant from San Diego to hope to mount a successful summer event there.

In 2007, New Perspective was formed to fill the void left by the suspension of the Actors' Alliance Festival.  Over the course of two years, New Perspective proved that a festival can be mounted without membership or submission fees, in an affordable venue and without elaborate glossy programs draining funds.  In 2010, I sincerely hope that the Alliance will manage to marshall its resources to implement once again the programs for which its members pay. 

It's been a wonderful experience.  Thank you to all the participants and audience who've made the New Perspective Festival a success! 

-- Kelly Lapczynski


Congratulations to all of our authors who have been or will be published by Smith & Kraus in the Best 10-Minute Plays of the Year series, including:
David Weiner: Feeding Time at the Human House (2009)
An Honest Arrangement (2008) 
Jacqueline Goldfinger: His Last Fight (2009)
Paola Hornbuckle: The Perfect Red (2008)

New Perspective: a Festival for San Diego Theatre Artists meant to showcase
not only local actors but directors and playwrights as well.
June 2008 and 2009

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San Diego, California

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