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Don't Steer Me Wrong, a.k.a. GimleyDon't Steer Me Wrong ~ 2007 APHA/TB x AQHA. Barn Name "Gimley," elegant tri-color APHA colt; strong, correct, bold, willing, personality plus! Mature 15.3h - 16h.  More Photos
SOLD! Congratulations to Leslie McCombs of Dayton, TN on her purchase of Don't Steer Me Wrong. It was love at first sight. Look for Leslie and Gimley in collegiate English performance classes. We wish Leslie and "Gimley" all the best and many happy years together!

Splash TownSplash Town ~ 2005 APHA/TB x AQHA, Conclusive Leo pretty with personality plus. This gelding was imprinted at birth and you can tell. He is a real gentleman. He is correct with a beautifully long neck, a nice round body and a pretty head. Splash Town is currently in training and is turning heads at the barn. 15.2hh

Ante Fine DesignAnte Fine Design, Barn Name "Aelwyn" ~ 2008 APHA/TB x AQHA filly. If you want to catch the judge's eye, don't miss this absolutely gorgeous filly! She has exceptional presence, a gorgeous head and movement. She is bold, strong and correct and long-legged. Would make a fantastic Dressage or Hunter prospect. Will mature 16hh. More Photos

Valentina ~ 2007 AQHA/APHA x AQHA filly. This pretty filly has LOADS of personality and beautiful confirmation with long legs and a long well balanced body. 15.3hh.  More Photos
SOLD! Congratulations to Kristen McMitchen on her purchase of Zena Valentina. Look for Kristen and Valentina in APHA Amateur Western Pleasure classes. Good luck and many happy years together!

FirenzFirenz ~ 2005 APHA/TB x AQHA. Big, flashy beautiful APHA mare. Correct and athletic, bold with a quiet temperament. Would do well on the flat or over fences. She is a big, broad 15.3h. More Photos
SOLD! Congratulations to Joey Cameron on his purchase of this lovely mare!


Daliwood ~ 2006 AQHA/APHA x AQHA filly. If you want to own the prettiest horse in the barn, here’s your filly! Imprinted at birth, this filly is quiet-natured, bright and ready to start under saddle. She has an exceptionally pretty head and a nice round body. She is balanced and a pretty mover. She has the breeding to do it all, whether you are interested in performance events or halter. 15hh.  More Photos

Luna ~ 2008 AQHA/APHA x AQHA filly. Here's your Western Pleasure, Lunge Line or Trail horse! This Tobiano filly is sweet and personable and about as child safe as a young horse can be. She is very well balanced with a naturally level top line and she has a naturally slow relaxed jog and temperament to be an exceptional Western Pleasure mount. Start her under saddle this Fall or train her for the Lunge Line classes. She's a bright, ready and willing. This pretty filly is Conclusive Leo on top and her AQHA side goes all the way back to Wallaby via Cutter Bill on her Dam's side. She has cow in her blood, and puppy dog in her heart. Will mature at 15hh.   More Photos

Breeder's Statement

Paranwood Farm is a small family owned farm committed to the production of exceptional registered riding horses for show and pleasure. Our primary focus is producing AQHA Incentive fund horses for Western Pleasure and English Performance, as well as the successful production of AQHA All Around or Versatility award winners. We believe in raising and housing our horses in a relatively stress free environment where the horses are allowed to live as herd animals, and appreciate humans as companions and not as threats.

All of my horses are handled from birth. They are imprinted, taught to cross tie, pick up feet, stand for grooming, and trust people. They are also petted and loved, vetted and never lack for feed or grass. I only sell horses I raise myself and they are usually all sold by the time they are 2 years old. Many are sold to show homes in every discipline. I especially enjoy it when my horses find little girls to love them.

Our small breeding program which produces a few select, exceptional foals each year bred for success in all disciplines. We have a terrific record of producing horses with elegance, nice size, friendly attitudes, lovely movement, athletic ability and beauty. All of our exceptional horses are sold from the field. Come see them!

Newest Arrivals!

Daliwood and her baby (left) ........................................... Passion and her big dun baby (right).

Caldres C. Leo throws form, personality, ridability.

Junior"Junior," as he is known around the barn, is a fabulous mover with stellar temperament, and he passes these qualities along to his offspring. Example: Samona C Leo, 1 pt. TR, '96 High Pt. Novice Am. WP- AQHA; '96 Reserve Novice Am. Trail – GQHA
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Feel free to contact us: 770-684-0742; Visit Paranwood Farm by appointment.  We are located in Taylorsville/Bartow County, Georgia, Northwest of Atlanta.   mapquest.