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SPORTS NIGHT was a 1/2-hour comedy / drama about a close-knit group of people working in a crazy high-stress environment, which happened to be a sports show similar to ESPN SportsCenter. Every day on SN, people struggled with work, fought for love, and tried to get by without going crazy. SN was well written, had an ensemble of great personalities, and managed to be funny, fast, and smart in every episode. Think M*A*S*H or Taxi - the dialogue weaved great laughs in with some very touching moments - I laughed, I cried, it was fun . . .

No more new Sports Nights, but rebroadcasts of the original 2 seasons
are now on the Comedy Channel: 2 back-to-back episodes on Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00PM - until the last week of May, when 2 back-to-back episodes will air from 1:30 to 2:30AM on Tuesday and Wednesday.


2001-05-16 -- Comedy Channel Will Move Sports Night to Early A.M. Time Slot
The Comedy Channel has dropped the Sunday re-airings of Thursday episodes, and will have the last run of Thursday night episodes next week (May 24th). Starting May 29th, the Sports Night schedule will switch to Tuesday and Wednesday late night, from 1:30 to 2:30 A.M.

2001-01-10 -- Felicity Huffman on The West Wing
Felicity Huffman
(Dana Whitaker) has a guest spot on tonight's episode, "The Leadership Breakfast," of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin's surviving and very successful TV series. On NBC-TV at 9:00PM in most of the USA.

2000-10-23 -- Be Forever, Sports Night
Cable channel Comedy Central will be airing all 45 episodes from the 1st & 2nd seasons of Sports Night on Thursday nights, starting in December. Detailed in E!Online 2000-10-21, "TV Scoop" with Kimberly Potts. Thanks to Eileen of the iCUPID mailing list for the heads up (BTW, yes, Cupid is coming back on cable as well, on Bravo...).

On a separate note, Teri Polo, who guested frequently as Dan's flame Rebecca, is the girlfriend of and daughter of Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro in the currently released big-screen movie Meet the Parents. And Janel Moloney, who played Monica the proud wardrobe assistant in ep. 1-11 "The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennesse," continues her role on The West Wing as Donna Moss, aide to Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman - she's now in the opening credits as part of the regular cast of The West Wing. Timothy Davis-Reed, who was Chris (one of the 3 engineers in the booth in front of Natalie, Dana, and Joshua), will also appear in The West Wing, playing a reporter in the Thanksgiving episode.

2000-08-27 -- Sports Night Memorial Site
Sports Night has become a memory, but The West Wing is going well. Time to move on, without forgetting what was past and good. This site will remain as a memorial to a short-lived but great show. Thanks for watching with me; we'll look forward to the great stuff to come.

2000-05-23 -- Ciao, Sports Night - from The West Wing?
All I know is ABC-TV hasn't renewed Sports Night but Aaron Sorkin has mentioned trying to get HBO interested. But no word yet from HBO. This season's sensational finale of Aaron Sorkin's other series (on NBC-TV), The West Wing, was titled "What Kind of Day Has It Been" - the same title as Sports Night's 1st season finale. A nice tribute, no matter what the future may hold. Ah, back to the Cupid tapes...

2000-04-26 -- More episodes this season!
An ABC-TV press release announces the return of Sports Night on May 9 - with episode 21, La Forza del Destino (thank you for the news, TOMALHE!). La Forza del Destino is the 1st part of SN's season 2 finale - the 2nd part of the finale will air on May 16 (thank you, West Wing mailing list).

2000-04-26 -- New network for season 3?
ABC-TV has not definitely renewed Sports Night for another season - if not, HBO and TNT are the talked-about alternatives. We should know in late May when next year's programming line-up is announced.

2000-04-19 -- Save Sports Night petition site is up
Dwight Clark has set up a quick form on a webpage to Save Sports Night. Fill in your e-mail address & name, then click once to send. Dwight has also set up a forum page where you can check on the status of the petition. For direct e-mail, send to: Paper mail can be sent to:

Stu Bloomberg, Entertainment Chairman
ABC Television
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 7th Floor
Century City, CA 90067

2000-03-09 -- TV Guide feature article
Sports Night is featured in the March 11th -17th TV Guide magazine as "The Best Show You're Not Watching." Josh Charles (complexly dour), Felicity Huffman (quiet radiance), and Peter Krause (basic charmingness) are on the cover; all the main actors have photos & bios in the article (bios not in online version); and there's a nice group shot, too.

2000-02-18 -- Last episode for season 2 (???)
This season's last episode of Sports Night will be on April 4th, making for 20 episodes total. Much thanks to TOMALHE for keeping alert to the info at Yahoo News Entertainment section for 2/18.

2000-02-15 -- Episodes pre-empted for February sweeps
Sports Night skipped for this week and next week, due to a last-minute schedule change by ABC-TV for February sweeps month. Thanks to TOMALHE for sending notice; more info at Yahoo News Entertainment section for 2/15.

2000-02-03 -- Paula Marshall to guest star
Paula Marshall, late of last year's amazing Cupid, will appear on the upcoming episode, Celebrities.

2000-01-20 -- William H. Macy returns
Sam (William H. Macy, real-life husband to Felicity Huffman (Dana)) returns, as does Sally...

1999-11-11 -- Episode suddenly pre-empted?!
What happened to Sports Night ??? ep. 2-06 "Shane" was suddenly replaced by another show, and the official site says the next episode will be in December!!! Rumor of cancellation; I've been moving from coast to coast, and have been out of touch. Need to find out more...

1999-10-05 -- Felicity Huffman's husband guest-stars
This season's 2nd episode, "When Something Wicked This Way Comes," features William H. Macy, the real-life husband of Felicity Huffman, who plays Dana.

1999-09-30 -- Hair: shorter, and longer
From the promo ads for the new season, it looks like Dana has longer and Casey has shorter hair. Dana looks sexier and less hard-edged, but Casey looks sorta exposed with the short cut.

1999-09-22 -- More Aaron Sorkin TV
Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing airs. Lisa Edelstein who played Bobbie Bernstein is in it, once again portraying a great young women with unique relationship problems. The actress who played Monica the wardrobe assistant plays a White House aide, and still has that sharp eye for clothing.

SPORTS NIGHT Episode List - Season 2

EP #

1st Aired

Episode Title

2-01 99-10-05 Special Powers <season 2 premiere>
2-02 99-10-12 When Something Wicked This Way Comes
2-03 99-10-19 Cliff Gardner
2-04 99-10-26 Louise Revisited
2-05 99-11-02 Kafelnikov
2-06 99-12-07 Shane
2-07 99-12-14 Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks
2-08 99-12-21 The Reunion
2-09 99-12-28 A Girl Named Pixley
2-10 00-01-11 The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant
2-11 00-01-18 The Cut Man Cometh
2-12 00-01-25 The Sweet Smell of Air
2-13 00-02-01 Dana Get Your Gun
2-14 00-02-08 And the Crowd Goes Wild
2-15 00-02-29 Celebrities
2-16 00-03-07 The Local Weather
2-17 00-03-14 Draft Day: Part I - It Can't Rain at Indian Wells
2-18 00-03-21 Draft Day: Part II - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian
2-19 00-03-28 April Is the Cruelest Month
2-20 00-04-04 Bells and a Siren
2-21 00-05-09 La Forza del Destino <series finale, part 1>
2-22 00-05-16 Quo Vadimus <series finale, part 2>

Season 1 Episode List




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Creator/Writer - Aaron Sorkin
Director - Thomas Schlamme, various others
Executive Producers - Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Tony Krantz (Felicity, PJ's)

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