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I have been working on the idea behind "The Textbook of the Universe: The Genetic Ascent to God" since approx. 1988. I have been writing this book since about 1992. I am happy to report that it is done now and is now available. You can click on the link to the secure ordering page online or you can request a copy by E-mailing me at: for details. Full descriptions and a link to buy the book at a special reduced price is on the book pages (while my author supplies last). This price is for visitors to this website only. The book is also available from or

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"mankind cannot conceive of the wealth of light that will be shed on current and ancient mysteries when we decipher the workings of the brain and mind. It is the ultimate science which will transform humanity forever."

--Steven E. Romer 1999

Some brief thoughts about life

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2001:

"Consciousness and its Place in Nature"

Here are links to the 4 posters I presented at Skovde Sweden on 7-11 August, 2001.  I have also posted some pictures from the Skovde 2001 conference itself and other interesting pictures from the trip. I have some pictures of the Sigurd Rune carvings depicting Seigfried slaying the dragon, pictures of the oldest Viking ship ever found, and even some Oslo, Norway wild life.

Now on to my 4 Skovde, Sweden conference posters:

 GO TO Skovde Sweden 2001 poster #1 on Glial Cells and consciousness.

 GO TO Skovde Sweden 2001 poster #2 about our evolutionarily limited view.

 GO TO Skovde Sweden 2001 poster #3 on Introspective Investigations.

 GO TO Skovde Sweden 2001 poster #4 on the Logos Echo metapattern.

 GO TO a short summary of ALL 4 POSTERS together & main points.

 GO TO Skovde Sweden 2001 PICTURES from the conference trip.

Toward a Science of Consciousness

Tucson 2002

poster entitled:

Concrete Evidence that Consciousness Originates in a Factor Beyond Physics and Known Natural Laws: Perceived Meaning as a "Lens" to see this Universal and Primary Force at Work



This is the poster which brings together and graphically illustrates the basic theory with the diamond-shaped universe/life-force diagram from the Tucson conference--for those of you who saw it there. I also present a few instances of evidence for the workings of this theory in relation to consciousness to illustrate this principle at work hidden in daily life. I first presented some of this line of evidence in a couple of posters presented at Skovde, Sweden 2001 listed above.

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Note: The background snail picture is from a snail I found in my backyard that I placed on my scanner. Then I placed the snail back out there to live. It was huge, beautiful, and meaningful--Like life.

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