Produced and Directed by: Jacob Burckhardt and Royston Scott

Script and Art Direction by: Royston Scott

Camera and Editing by: Jacob Burckhardt

Alexandra Byrn as Princess Fleur-de-Lys

Gerard Little as Marie Antionette

Dan Laughlin as Prince Alarming

James Tigger! Furgeson as Quean Squeamish von Tiddilywinks

Kimberley Lewis as The Royal Wet Nurse

Blake Webster as Lance the Royal Gardener

Bradd Gultch as Duc de la Poubelle

The Royal Executioners: Clay Eno and James Sauli

The Ucouth Rabble: Paula Collery, Marti Glasser, Andrew Gouldh, Mimi Gross, Haisi Hu, John Rowan, and Peter Stanley

Marie Antionette's body double: Bernard Jackson

Ravenous puppy: Snickers

And introducing Royston Scott as King Louis the Fourteenth Street

Guillotine by: James Sauli

Production Assistant: Haisi Hu

Music by: Hugh Burckhardt, Emjay, Gant Johnson, Sandra Kaplan, Cory Robbins,
and Brian Wright

Special Thanks to: Yvonne Jacquette Burckhardt, Ben Brown, Dan Porvin, Rose
Redondo, Ethan and Ondina Rosch, John Rowan, Tommy Viglietta, Annette
Weintraub, The Cooper Union, Love Shine, Tortilla Flats Restaurant, Work
Edit, and the N.Y.C. Parks Department

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