If Cecil B. DeMille met Jack Smith, John Waters, and Ed Wood Jr., the fruit of their collaboration might be called LOUIS THE FOURTEENTH STREET.

Cuckolded king Louis the Fourteenth Street vows vengeance on his murderous second wife Mary Antionette.  A beautiful princess imprisoned in a dungeon, a lusty wet nurse, a charming Greenish Blonde Prince, a bleeding royal ghost, and a voracious guillotine round out the cast of this experimental, color-saturated, digital, scary fairy tale of a featurette.

As the movie opens Mary Antionette, the newly crowned Queen of "Kingdom Comme", is frolicking in the Royal Garden with the Royal Gardener, while her liege lord King Louis the Fourteenth Street is riding in his solid gold carriage, greeting his peasants, and being pelted with rotten vegetables and other unmentionables. He is worried because he has discovered in a letter from his daughter Princess Fleur-De-Lys that she has run off with a band oftraveling troubadours.

In truth, the evil stepmother Marie Antionette has locked the princess in a dungeon and written the spurious letter - this after murdering the king's first wife, Queen Squeamish Von Tiddilywinks the Fourteenth Street. But the Princess in her despair has tied a note telling of her captivity to a sparrow and released it from her tiny prison window.

As the Royal Wet Nurse is strolling through the forest she is ravaged by a werewolf. Handsome Prince Alarming who is bathing nearby comes to her aid. Moments later they happen upon the sparrow and read the Princess' note. The Royal Wet Nurse urges the Prince to go to the Princess' aid.

Duc de la Poubelle, the King's most loyal courtier, warns him of his wife's infidelity, but he will have nothing of it, and instead has his vassal guillotined. Things look rather bleak until the ghost of the king's first wife visits the Princess and assures her that someone will come to save her. She then appears to the King and informs him of his new wife's treachery. The King vows vengeance on all who betrayed him. He beheads his cuckolding Royal Gardener and sends Queen Mary Antoinette to the guillotine.

The King has had his revenge, the Prince rescues the Princess, a deep dark secret is finally revealed and they all live happily ever after.

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