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Site showing Mythofigurative and figure sculptures and statues by American figurative sculptor, Rod Patterson.

figure sculpture: SIS by sculptor, Rod Patterson
ISIS by American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson
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Mermaid-Wave Rider figure sculptor, Rod Patterson
figure sculptor Rod Patterson's MERMAID-Wave Rider
ship's figurehead by American Figurative Sculptor Rod Patterson

Persian war vet. by figure sculptor Rod Patterson
American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson
memorial Figurative sculpture of Persian war Veteran

Wave Rider, 53x48x23 inches.
Designed as a ship's figurehead.
For luck or tradition,
the carver's art of the figurehead
has led many a ship oer the world oceans
and carried their crews safely home.
Mermaids and mermen have been a common
theme for millennia, in part, because
they represent the hybridity, ambiguity,
and in-between-ness of human existence
and the sub-conscious desire to return
to the waters from whence we came

Persian war veteran 8x22x10 inches.
Patterned after a Greek original,
with a twist. The Persian war lasted
over 10 years so the vets were a tad
grizzled by the time they returned home.
He is middle aged, leather tough,
hard as nails, a tad paranoid, and has
a minimalist painting of Aphrodite
on the inside of his shield.
And his enemies were wondering why he
was smiling while facing them in battle.

MAMAMU by figure sculptor Rod Patterson
MaMaMu by American Figurative Sculptor Rod Patters
end the tyranny of the "art" of alienation and get back to classic beauty

figurative sculpture: "Swimmer" by Rod Patterson
Swimmer American figure sculpture by Rod Patterson
Swimmer... figure sculpture by Rod Patterson

MAMAMU 17x42x14 inches
carved in oak to celebrate a pregnancy

SWIMMER 29x14x12 inches.
This is a 1:10 study for a fountain piece.
Swimmer study piece is available in
hot cast, or bonded bronze.

ISIS rising 70x25x38 inches
Available in hot cast or bonded bronze.
NOTE: For the full myth of the story of
ISIS, OSIRIS, and HORUS, please take the
link to the

LYNN 30x65x18 inches.
She was a dancer, and we were so much younger then,

Onother Sun's ISIS
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figurative sculpture: taking art to the people


Figure Sculpture


Figure Sculptor, Rod Patterson
American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson
I believe that art has a moral responsibility, that it must pursue something higher than itself.

...............About the artist: Rod Patterson............... 
    Rod has been sculpting for 25 years and has been focusing on the figure for the past 22 years. His favorite classic piece is the Laocoon group by Aegesander, Athenodoris, and Polydoris.
   He has had works at the Willoughby towers gallery, the Grove street gallery, around the coyote gallery, the N.A.B., the Mandali gallery, the international realism invitational exhibit, and sculpture on second.
   His works may be seen on-line in several cyber galleries. 
   He was a founding member of the bucktown/ Holstein park artist fest, and helped in the greening of wicker park festivals.
   Rod’s works have been shown in the Chicago Tribune, the Logan Square Free Press, The Cedar rapids Gazette, The North Liberty Leader, The Chicago Sun Times, The Daily Ledger, the All About Art e-zine, The Chronicle, the Post dispatch, the Pilot Tribune, and The Daily Iowan
   Articles about the artist were published in the: Logan Square free press, Cedar Rapids Gazette, North Liberty Leader, All About Art (Australia) magazine, Another Sun (London) arts magazine, ARTeutile(Italy), Daily Iowan, and Pilot Tribune.
   His works are in private collections from Hermosa Beach in California, to LightHouse Point in Florida. One is on public display in Los Angeles, and 2 are on public display in Chicago, and one is on public display in Cedar Rapids, Iowa..

American figurative sculptor; Rod Patterson
Iowa figure sculptor: Rod Patterson.jpg
Art must be a part of life. It must exist in the domain of the common man.

....... Sample Reviews: ......
   ArtUetile: “Figure sculptor Rod Patterson gives a vibrant and dynamic presence to what he refers to as his “Mythofigurative sculptures” He has mastered a difficult art with flare and precision in his desire to capture “just one moment” of a figure in motion.” .....
   Floyd Brigdon: “I don’t know if Rod's mastery of form or his ability to work in different media impresses me more, but I am floored by the combination of the two.”
   uplifting, spiritual,inspiring, unique, epic, vibrant, powerful, strong, awesome, and exciting.

ISIS by American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson
Figure sculpture ISIS: Rod Patterson sculptor
ISIS was the first of Rod's Mythofigurative sculptures

Iowa' figure sculptor, Rod Patterson

ISIS view of OSIRIS and HORUS by Rod Patterson
figurative sculptor Rod Patterson osiris-horus.jpg
OSIRIS-HORUS of ISIS by figure sculptor Rod Patterson

figure sculpture: WindDancer by Rod Patterson
WindDancer by American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson

"I am fascinated by the pattern within art, especially, though not exclusively, experienced through vicarious involvement with the artist and his/her environment and response to that environment by absorption in the art. When I see the Dolni Vestonice bust, I feel as though I know the artist, or at least something about the environment in which he or she lived and the artistic drive with which they responded to that environment. From this ice age person, I feel that I have learned something about the continuity of our species and its art and perspective. Usually contemporary, though quite often non contemporary artist, and/or anyone else who left us a record of the environment, life, and culture from the dawn of the species to the present, can help us to understand life's experience in it's myriad facets, so when you view someone's work or read or listen to the ancient myths and you hear or see something "new" , a satori opens up, and you cannot help but to know that this "new" was intrinsically apropos. In the cave art of southern France and the Pyrenees we can discern patterns that reemerge in the sculpture of the Egyptians or the relief's of the Babylonians. When we feel certain of the appropriateness of what we sense, we are all exposed to a universal fabric that binds us all, past and present, into a unified whole. It is this fabric through time and across cultures that I feel when I am able to capture a moment in my art and communicate it to others. When I retell the myths that have inspired some of my sculptures, my audiences receive the stories with the same wonder and delight as listeners have for at least the last 10 millennia. Therefore, if the essence or intent of a feeling or emotion can be held and passed around, it works because it fits the fabric or perhaps, the evolving fabric fits it."

figure sculpture LYNN torso in the clay figurative sculptor Rod Patterson
American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson's LYNN

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