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The MET FLAGSHIP SERIES features plays of great masters whose work is the legacy of our cultural heritage. Even as we create new work to voice new stories that speak to the totality of our community, we stand on the shoulders of great artists who preceded us.  Their work is our inheritance, the birthright for all people that we might know who we are, and might be, and have the courage to claim ourselves and to chart our own course.


As theatre artists, we give voice to the stories of humanity.   As the lights of the stage go up, walls that separate us fall down.  It is the miracle of the theatre, our inheritance, the gift given to ourselves, born of the creative spirit that offers itself to the greater world to help us understand who we are and who we might become.


Where does the journey go?

It is up to us to chart the course.


It is the nature of art not to give us easy answers, but to help us frame hard questions.  The discoveries we make are the wonder of the world, the arts, and of the human mind.  The FLAGSHIP SERIES offers questions and the discovery of great stories, well told, for this voyage in our time.

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