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Development of
new and original
theatrical works

Before a stick of scenery is built, or a light is focused, an actor cast or a ticket sold, someone must enter a room and create a story.  This person is the playwright, the unsung hero of the theatre.  While we celebrate the heritage of the great masterworks, the search of excellence in playwrighting must be ongoing.


There is no dead theatre. It is the nature of the art form to be eternally alive; however, we must look for our next great masters of the theatre, if we expect to find them.  In addition we must search for plays and playwrights that reflect the totality of our community.


The MET Magellan Project is an ongoing new play development program actively searching for and developing the work of new playwrights. By actively seeking the next great playwrights of our generation, the Magellan Project hopes to discover new horizons for us all.

2009 Playwrights' Intensive

The Fifth Summer Writing Program to nurture experienced, new and emerging writers.  Participants create original short works that are performed as the culmination of the workshop experience. Playwrighting presents two challenges: finding the essence of what the writer needs to express, and giving dramatic form to that essence.

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