GPS Track Plotting/Animation Demo

This page uses Google's new Mapping API to plot and optionally animate various GPS tracks. Each example track is stored in a GPX-format XML file.


The animation update interval is determined by the time between trackpoints. You can play the animation in real-time (this can be rather slow) or some multiple thereof. There is also the option of elevation dependent coloring for each trackpoint interval. The color range is a linear progression in hue (i.e. around the color wheel) from zero to the specified maximum elevation.

Source code

The GPX handling is provided by the functions in gmapgpx.js and the color conversion is done in colors.js.

Select animation speed:

Vary line color with elevation?
"Ballistic" zoom (try it)

Choose a set of GPS tracks to plot. Animation/plotting will start when you select the link. Use the STOP button to cancel the animation: