Siamese Cat Games!


MEOW! Let's Play A Game!

Free online cat games for you and your cat to enjoy!

For Your Cat Only
Move your mouse around and let your kitty chase the balls on the screen!
Cat Room
Decorate a Living Room!
The "I Can't Keep This Cat Because..." Quiz
Choose a reply as a responsible and caring cat owner!
Cat Tic-Tac-Toe!
Play the always fun Tic-Tac-Toe online with a cat flavor!
Defend The CAT PLANET!
Protect The Cat Planet's supply of catnip from the evil Alien Dogs!

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Hi! My name is Aleksandr!
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Hi! My name is Amanda!
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Chocolate-Point Siamese
Hi! My name is Simba!
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Lilac-Point Siamese

Hi! My name is J-Cat!
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My father's cat
Hi! My name is Kiki!
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Rainbow Bridge Siamese
Hi! My name is Serena!
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Beautiful Shelter Cat!

Graphics from CatStuff

A special Thank-You to artist Glenda Moore at CatStuff for the graphics and wallpaper used on this page.

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