Amanda Sunshine

My beautiful girl, Amanda.

"We Are Siamese"

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Amanda is a Chocolate Point Siamese Cat
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Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am the oldest (13 years) of all mommy's cats.

Mommy tells me I don't know how beautiful I am, because I am so nice and polite to all cats and humans.

Amanda is a beautiful Siamese.

She says I sit like a princess, in a perfectly regal pose.

Amanda poses so naturally for every picture.

Mommy says I have the most beautiful pointed chocolatey ears, since I am a chocolate-point Siamese. My cat father, Nanki-Poo, won Best Cat in the Country at a TICA cat show at Madison Square Garden years ago.

Amanda stretching.

I still like to play with feather toys and enjoy a good nap on top of the refrigerator. I love to cuddle up with Simba.

Hi! My name is Simba!

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I bring my mommy toys at night while she is sleeping.

In the morning when she wakes up, my favorite toys are there for her to play with. She always praises me for the toys, then carefully puts them back in the toy bin.

Amanda delicately reaches for a toy.

I am the sweetest, most angelic and thoughtful little cat. I play "mommy" to all the other cats. I wash them and try to take care of everyone, even Aleksandr, who chases me sometimes.

Hi! My name is Aleksandr!

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I am not very big, but I love to sit on my mommy's lap and knead my claws softly into her leg.

My mommy squirms when I do this, but she tries not to mind.

While mommy watches TV, I bring her toys, announcing loudly as I come down the hall.

Amanda as a baby.

My mommy loves me very much, and I love her.

Amanda as a baby with her littermates.

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Don't Declaw!

The best scratching post is made by The Felix Company in Seattle, WA.

I recommend the "Large Katnip Tree." It is sturdy, 28 inches high and will not tip over or wobble.

The phone number for The Felix Company is 1-206-547-0042.

Their address is 3623 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98103.


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Amanda's CLAW crown!

Amanda's CLAW crown!

Amanda is a Proud Member of CLAW

Amanda is a Purroud Member of CLAW.

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