Kiki, My Friend

Kiki was my friend who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 6, 1997.

"Over the Rainbow"


Welcome to Cat's Meow!
Beautiful memorial tribute to Kiki cat,
a blue-point Siamese who passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Pet loss, grief, sweet stories, cute pix.
Links to Siamese cats, animal rights.
Enjoy your stay!


Hi, my name is Kiki. I am a Blue-Point Siamese. I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 6, 1997.

I have many stories to tell. I am with my mommy in Spirit, and so I will share some of these stories with you! Although I've crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, I still remember many things I liked to do! And things are not so different on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge...

Here I am with my friend, Amanda.

Hi! My name is Amanda!

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I enjoyed eating spaghetti as an occasional treat. I had a very cute kink at the end of my tail. I enjoyed playing with my kitty friends and watching birdies and squirrels through the window.

Kiki is so pretty.

I had a very quiet purr that only my mommy could hear. I enjoyed quietly sitting in warm places. My favorite place was on top of the TV!

Kiki as a baby, four months old.

When I was little, I used to enjoy launching myself off the sofa, into infinite space, and at the same time letting out a loud Siamese yowl. For some reason, my mommy thought this was really funny.

Kiki eating while lying down.

I enjoyed any warm place, so even if it was mealtime, why get up if you don't have to? The food tasted even better when my tummy was warm against the radiator.

Kiki basking in the warmth of the radiator.

When mommy lived in New York, there were radiators. Then she moved to Florida, where they didn't need radiators and had the nice warm sun instead. I enjoyed stretching both legs out in front of me and taking a long nap.

Here I am with some of my friends.
I am on the left, Amanda is in the middle, and Aleksandr is on the right.

Hi! My name is Aleksandr!

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Kiki in a beautiful pose.

One day, I was called over the Rainbow Bridge. So I went. But I am still in mommy's heart, where I will always be loved.

Animals crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

And there was no more sickness there, and no more pain.

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Tribute to Pets Award Dusty's Award Apache's Award Sir Chancy's Award

On Declawing:

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The best scratching post is made by The Felix Company in Seattle, WA.

I recommend the "Large Katnip Tree." It is sturdy, 28 inches high and will not tip over or wobble.

The phone number for The Felix Company is 1-206-547-0042.

Their address is 3623 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98103.


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Kiki's CLAW crown!

Kiki's CLAW crown!

Kiki is a Proud Member of CLAW

Kiki is a Purroud Member of CLAW.

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and a special Thank You to artist Linda Larson for the artwork, "When Cats Fly."

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