Simba, Cat of Many Talents

Simba says, "Boo!"

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Welcome to Cat's Meow!
Adventures of criminal mastermind Simba,
a reckless lilac-point Siamese who shreds toilet paper,
opens cabinets, and terrorizes his cat friends.
Stories, pix, humor, and links.
Enjoy your stay!


Hi, my name is Simba. I am the boss of the household. I am a lilac-point Siamese, seven years old. My mommy named me Simba after she saw "The Lion King" three times, but I am better than that cat in the movie.

Left to right: Amanda, Kiki (foreground), Aleksandr, and Simba as a baby.

I like to shred rolls of toilet paper and to play The Chair Game (more on this later).

Simba was a long-legged baby.
Aleksandr, in the background, watched over him.

I also like to stick my head in places like a box or paper bag and give a loud Siamese yowl just to hear the sound of my own voice.

One day, my mother brought home Serena, who is now my partner-in-crime.

Simba (right) with Kiki, left.
Simba was a baby and Kiki took good care of him.

Serena and I do everything together -- running through the house at midnight at breakneak speed, slipping and sliding on the kitchen floor, stealing onto the countertops unnoticed, or so we think, and occasionally breaking something.

Aleksandr and Simba.

When I am not misbehaving I have a most angelic smile and will sit on top of the computer monitor watching my mommy at work, growing more relaxed by the warmth of the computer monitor, and eventually becoming so relaxed that I stretch out and push all of the books on the bookshelf onto the floor.

Simba in a beautiful pose.

When I am bored, I open cabinets and leave them standing open, all over the house. This is to tell mommy, "PLAY WITH ME!"

Lately, she has been hiding the toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet so I cannot shred it. But I outsmarted her. I opened the cabinet, found the roll and shredded it anyway! WHEEE!

Simba has a natural affinity toward shredding toilet paper.
As such, it must be kept carefully out of his sight.

Thatís the life of the number-one cat!

Watch out, stick toy!

P.S.--Someday I'll tell you about The Screen-Door Incident.

Simba, the fierce hunter.

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The best scratching post is made by The Felix Company in Seattle, WA.

I recommend the "Large Katnip Tree." It is sturdy, 28 inches high and will not tip over or wobble.

The phone number for The Felix Company is 1-206-547-0042.

Their address is 3623 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98103.


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Simba's CLAW crown!

Simba's CLAW crown!

Simba is a Proud Member of CLAW

Simba is a Purroud Member of CLAW.

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