Perhaps You Would Like To Look Further into a Variety of Ethnomathematic Subjects?

Following is a list of helpful sites.

Non-European Mathematics


Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
African Mathematics - Pre-Colonial Northern Nigeria
Ancient Egyptian Astronomy
History of Mathematics in Africa
African Games
Egyptian Math: Ahmes What Were You Thinking?
Yoruba Number System
Mankala @ Elf.Org
Egyptian Mathematics - Numbers
Solve an Egyptian Math Problem
Solve another Egyptian Math Problem
Egyptian Numerals
Ancient Egyptian Math Texts
Ancient Egyptian Planning
The Egyptian Pyramids
Mancala Web Home Page
An Old Mathematical Object

Babylonian Mathematics
Egyptian Mathematics
Counting in Babylon
Tokens - The Origins of Mathematics
Geometry and Islam
Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
The Origins of Algebra
Algebra in the Arab World
Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East - Arabic Numerals
The Islamic World - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
Jan Abas' Islamic Art Site
Arab Civilization - Math and Astronomy
The First Mathematicians
Al'Khwarizmi & Al Jabr

History of Mathematics in the Americas
Mayan Calendar
The Civilization that Disappeared - Mayan
Native American Geometry
The Quipu, an Incan Data Structure
Native American Transformational Geometry
What is a Quipu?
Khipus, or quipocamayos, a unique Huarochiri legacy
The Maya Astronomy Page
The Mathematics of Seminole Patchwork
Mayan Numerals
Geometry in Hawaiian History and Culture
Quilt Blocks: Geometry with a Cultural Warmth
Mathematics and Passion in the Life of Thomas Jefferson

Mathematics of India Timeline
Ancient India's Contribution to Mathematics
The First Use of Zero and Negative Numbers
Hindu-Arabic Numerals

History of Chinese Math Timeline
Mathematics in China
Japanese Temple Geometry
Typical Sangaku Problems
A Brief History of Magic Square in Japan
Magic Squares
Japanese Mathematics Museum
Development of Mathematics in Ancient China
Who Invented It? When? Chinese Inventions
The Abacus
Global Soroban Institute
Origami Origins
Japanese Origami - Paper Folding
Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)
Helena's Origami Index Page
History of Mathematics in Asia
History of Mathematics in South Asia

History of Mathematics on the World Wide Web
History of Mathematics Timeline
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives
History of Mathematics: Web Resources
A Mathematical Journey Through Time
Geometry of Ancient Sites

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