The holidays are coming!
Share them with us!
We've added a new addition to our family.  Mackey, a wheaten scottie, has made his debut in some of the cards you see here.  In the Sleigh Ride card, the wheaten scottie, Spencer, belongs to a friend.
These are my newest cards.  If you would like to view some of the older cards, please e-mail me (address is at the bottom of this site).
Many of these cards are also available on Campbell's Scotties website:
They have many wonderful scottie items for sale besides cards.
We have added gift cards for Christmas and Birthday, so check them out at Campbell's.

These cards (blank inside) are sold for $3.00 each. Postage will be added after determining number of cards purchased.

To order, contact me at:

I really appreciate all your interest in the past.  As always, I enjoy meeting scottie lovers, so write to me.  Thank you,  Mary Jane Morgan