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Well, I'm very sorry to take the site down, since I know a lot of people found it useful. But the list of reasons to do so kept growing, with the most recent being the final straw:

  1. I lost interest in adding new blocks and maintaining the site.
  2. Interest in the site grew so much that I really needed to change the site hosting mechanism, but because of #1, I had no motivation to do so.
  3. The number of broken links to the rest of the web had grown too large. Again, I had no motivation to fix this.
  4. I received a hint (see the update below) that some of the blocks might not have been in the public domain after all. If this was the case, I was breaking the law. Again, my lack of motivation meant that going through my list of ~600 blocks was not going to happen. The only remedy for this was to take down all the blocks.

I'm glad I could provide indexed quilt blocks for as long as I did. I'm also glad that so many people found it helpful. Thanks for an enjoyable four years, everyone!

Update: Thanks to all who have emailed me with kind words and regret. I should clarify: the hint I received was in no way a mean one. It's just that while I find current copyright law outrageous, I have no desire to violate it. By the way, if you feel (as I do) that copyright lasts for too many years, and results in good work disappearing because its publishers let it go out of print, you should contact your lawmakers (if you're in the US) about this proposal to charge copyright holders a minimal fee ($1) to extend copyright beyond fifty years.

The email I got from you all over the years was sometimes overwhelming in quantity, but never unpleasant in quality! This is a real rarity, from my experience with the Internet (going back to 1988).

Happy Quilting, everyone,

Naomi Parkhurst

Site last updated: 13-Jun-03