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A little more information about Nancy.


Graduated from Nursing School, Phi Theta Kappa, having received a scholarship from Association of University Women, during 2 years that she was dialyzing at home followed by a kidney transplant.
Former Member of ESRD Regional Network Council 16.
Member of the Life Options Rehabilitation Advisory Council, editor and mascot of
In 2003, she received the Clyde Shields Distinguished Service Award.
Current member of the N.W. Kidney Center's Central Regional Council.
Recently published article in Oxford Journal, "Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation" (NDT), January 2007, regarding Nancy's history with dialysis and Dr. Scribner. "Nurse, Mother and Four Transplants, Nancy Spaeth Tells Her Story". 

Comments from Seminars:
Letter From ERSD Network 13, Rachell M. Valadez, RN
svaladez@nw13, , Oklahoma City, OK, 405.948.2250
"Dear Ms. Spaeth,
This letter is to thank-you for your presentation as a presenter at the Network 13 Fall 2006 Mentoring Workshop...recently, in Little Rock, AR. We are pleased to report that your presentation was well received and enjoyed greatly by the participants.
Your presentation, 'How to Help Patients Live Long and Live Well: Lessons from Life Options', helped us see things in a different perspective and appreciate life as seen though a patient's eyes. Your engaging presentation technique makes it easy to "listen and learn" from your talks. Your materials were helpful and by reviewing the evaluations it was very obvious that attendees felt the same way. Your time and expertise is appreciated. It was a pleasure to meet you.
Please find a copy of......speaker-specific comments for your reference:
Very good speaker!
Very empowering. I'm very much a patient advocate and now I feel that I have more to share with my clients.
Very good!
Very informative, held my attention, gave good information in relationship to work.
Most informative and enjoyable talk of the day. I really enjoyed her; I wish every patient could hear her.
The most interesting talk, very down to earth yet profound.
Awesome. Wish I had a patient like that!
Very interesting, loved this speaker. Real life!!
Wish more patients could hear her speak.
Very touching presentation.
More personal stories like Nancy's helps learn the information better because we can apply to life situations.
Wonderful speaker, excellent, enjoyed!!!
Very helpful and motivational, great presentation."
Comments from other talks:
"Excellent presenter. Would like to hear her again on a related topic."
"Very good information."
"She's an amazing speaker. So inspirational."
"Great motivational speaker! I really enjoyed the presentation."
"Thanks, I love"
"Wow - what an inspiration and a great speaker."
"In your talk about helping kidney patients with rehabilitation, you also motivated me to go home and begin an exercise program!"
"When you say "no", you mean "think of another way to accomplish your needs, don't stop looking for better solutions to a problem."
Janice, a nurse who works with Nancy

Do you have any questions or comments? Please send Nancy an e-mail at:

Pierre Hotel, NYC, with Dr. Scribner's Lasker Award, 2002.


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