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From the Blog of Sheriff Jay Koon

As the temperatures continue to rise, Lake Murray is getting busier. The lake is a beautiful part of our county, but it can become dangerous if not enjoyed correctly.


I understand many people bring alcohol out on their boats as they fish, swim or just enjoy the water. However, drinking until you’re impaired while around water can become deadly.


Our deputies patrol the lake regularly, looking for boaters who may be operating the equipment while under the influence. Boating under the influence or BUI is illegal in South Carolina and if convicted, a person must be fined or sent to jail.


You’re also required to complete an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action course and a South Carolina boating safety course – at your expense.


This law doesn’t just pertain to boats, either. The law includes any moving, motorized watercraft.


If you’re swimming while intoxicated, your normal senses are impaired. You might not be able to tell that you’re becoming dehydrated or are getting too close to a boat or fishing line.


If you’re over 21 and plan on enjoying an adult beverage while on the lake, make sure you designate a sober driver who can also keep an eye on the group during activities. We’re hoping for a safe, enjoyable season on the lake and ask that you do your part to keep it that way


Resident Deputy: Donall Stoudemire



Station Chief: Sgt Bill Finch

Cell: 803-606-8220


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Please note that the Community Phone Link 785 5151 provides information from the Sheriff's Office pertaining to our area. The recording is usually updated on Tuesdays.


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