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Mistral Windsurfing Kids’ Camp
July 26-27 at Coulon Park, part of the Renton River Days Festival

Hello to all Pacific Northwest windsurfers and future windsurfers!

Windsurfing has been invited to join in on the Renton River Days Festival held annually at Coulon Park, in Renton, Washington, this July 26 & 27.

Renton River Days website:
http://www.ci.renton.wa.us/rrd/special.htm (scroll down to the BOATSTOCK event on July 26-27)

More BOATSTOCK info (including driving directions to Coulon Park): http://www.seattleboatshow.com/
Mistral, with the sponsorship of Boater’s World and Bake’s Marine Center, has stepped up to bat to host a free, open-to-the-public, Windsurfing (Windglider and Prodigy) Kids' Camp on both days.

Mistral will be providing 10-15 Mistral Windglider hulls/rigs and 3-5 Mistral Prodigy board/kids rigs for the event, that may be purchased at a used demo price at the end of the event.

The Camp will offer two sessions on each day running between 1-2.5 hours long. Classes are Saturday and Sunday at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Sign up at Boater's World, Bake's Marine Center, at the event, or via the Northwest Boardsailing Association (contact info below).

Local volunteers are needed to help with this event, from the Northwest Boardsailing Association, Seattle Women’s Windsurf Club, Mt. Baker Rowing/Sailing Center and the Boeing Windsurf Club, or anyone else who can help out. This is a great opportunity to share our favorite sport! We are open to any volunteer help that we can get, from on-the-beach registration and coordination, to on-the-water instruction and sit-on-top kayak helpers. Mistral will help provide food and beverages for all volunteers each day.

Our goal for this event is to introduce windsurfing to 40-60 youths/juniors from Saturday to Sunday. With the new teaching techniques in combination with the new widestyle windsurfers now available. 

The Windglider Kids' Camp is part of a national series hosted by regional dealers and clubs that support and promote local windsurfing in their respective communities.

With the special sponsorship assistance given by both Boater's World and Bake's Marine Center (both watersports/marine supply dealerships that are very interested in promoting and developing windsurf programs in the NW region), I think that this is an opportunity that we cannot pass up.

For more information about this event, or if you can volunteer to help, please contact:

Mark Luscher
Northwest Boardsailing Association

Pepi Gerald
Mistral Sailboards - Sales Manager
North Shore Maui Fins/Access. - Sales Manager
Windglider - Sales Director
Northsports Inc.