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Play Crates 12

All I own is what I've learned and thought
and mysteries that the muses taught
all my wealth's gone up in smoke
My house has not a single roof or tower
but every home and town in the land
is there for me to live in

(Mark, vocals and guitar)

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Play Sappho 31

He seems like a god to me
sitting there across from you
listening closely to your sweet voice
And your lovely laughter sets
my heart trembling in my breast
seeing you makes speech impossible
Silently my tongue lies broken
beneath my skin a fire is smoking
I cannot see, a humming fills my ears
A cold sweat pours over me
trembling overpowers me
And I am greener than grass
And I am only short of dying
But all can be endured
Even as one so poor

(Liz, vocals, Mark, mandolin,
Chris, guitar)

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