Biography – So Far

M. Paul Hawes
1 Monmouth Place 
Pinehurst, NC 28374

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I “grew up” in a series of small villages in Northwestern Ohio. In 1951, my father moved our family of five to a suburb of Charleston, West Virginia.

After I graduated from high-school, I rather aimlessly worked and attended college in West Virginia until 1959. I then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to seriously attend college. While I was in Cincinnati, my parents moved to North Dakota. (They did tell me that they were moving.)

I lived in Cincinnati for about three years where I attended school and worked as a mechanical designer and engineer. From Cincinnati, after serving six months of active duty in the Air National Guard, in 1963, I went to Los Angeles where I worked as a draftsman and technical illustrator in the defense industry. A couple of years later, my so-called “career” finally began when I went to work for Pacific Bell (now integrated into AT&T) as an engineer. I later became a telecommunications network planner, financial analyst, and then an information systems planner. I finally graduated from college in California with a physics major. I married in 1968 and again in 1976   –   both to California girls. The last marriage stuck. We have no children   –   yet.

In 1974, Pacific Bell moved me to San Francisco and in 1989 to New Jersey as a Data Architect. In 1991, I took an early retirement offering from Pacific Bell. This allowed me to remain in the same job in New Jersey, but as an employee of Bell Communications Research (a.k.a. Bellcore, now part of Ericsson). In that job, I became Bellcore’s representative to several national and international standards organizations and traveled widely.

In Los Angeles, I became a passionate "rag" sailor, starting with a small sailboat. I gradually traded up until I was the proud owner of a 41' catch in San Francisco. When we moved to New Jersey, the boat was replaced by a horse barn. My wife’s passion for horses superseded my ardor for sailing.

While in New Jersey, my wife and I began to consider where we were going to “settle down”. We bought land in Southern Pines, North Carolina where we planned to build a horse farm. I left the telecommunications industry in 1999 and my wife and I as well as her horses, dogs, and cats moved to North Carolina. We bought a small house in Pinehurst where we planned to live until we could build. I began working as an Independent Consultant, first in Raleigh (IBM & SciQuest) and then in Charlotte (Wachovia, Bank of America, TIAA-CREF). Both of these cities are beyond daily commute range so I lived in an apartment during the week and spent weekends at home.

After working elsewhere for six years, in 2005 I agreed to my wife’s “request” that I would live at home full time. Since there are no suitable jobs near home, I am pleasantly retired.

We still have not started building our horse farm. But, we have cleared the land and put it into pasture.

In 1999, I began working on my genealogy. My obsession to identify my relatives and ancestors took over a significant part of my life. 

I have now begun to play the cornet. I played in high-school and college. I have joined two amateur concert bands and I practice daily. The remainder of my time seems consumed by house and pasture maintenance. I have begun to neglect genealogy.

Paul Hawes