Burlington Northern Yellow 57' Mechanical Reefers 1970+

This decal set can be used to letter BNFE / WFCX Western Fruit Express yellow 57' Reefers, matching the new HO Intermountain, Red Caboose and even the old Athearn models.

The reefers have yellow sides / roofs with black underframes. Early WFCX cars had brown ends, while later BNFE cars and repaints have yellow ends. Some of the early WFCX cars also appeared to have silver roofs.

This decal set is jam-packed with data to handle just about anything you want to do in a 57' Yellow BNFE world, including extensive number jumbles, CAPY data options, and door data. The only thing you have to supply is an ACI label, if it is appropriate for your era.

Enough lettering is supplied to letter 2 complete cars. The latest in BN logo technology is also included: These BN logos are horizontally stretched to fit the ribs of the car, and allow the modeler to achieve professional level results with minimal work.

Photos of cars can be found in books and the internet. Here are a few links to get you started:

- George Elwood's Fallen Flags Site here. (Look for 8000, 9000, 780000 series)
- RailcarPhotos.com here.
- Brian Rutherford's Pbase Site here. (Some really nice high-res shots, Thanks Brian..!)
- A nice shot of a BNFE 8555 here.
- Morning Sun's Burlington Northern Color Guide to Freight Equipment also has several very nice photos of the cars.

The decal set is printed in black and white. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $12.00 per set. HO Scale.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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Send Orders To:

Daniel Kohlberg
7507 North State Route 159
Moro, IL 62067

Red Caboose Undecorated Model Update: 07/02/2009
From Bill at Red Caboose, here is the information on obtaining Undecorated Kits of his 57' Reefer:

"Undecorated HO R-70-15 kits are now available and ready to be shipped.
RR-34515 R-70-15, as built, with roof walk. $29.95
RR-34516 R-70-15, with roof walk removed. $29.95

Direct individual orders, through July 10th, 2009; six or more kits, mix and match OK, shipped to one address, take an extra 15% off the retail price.

All shipping will be done by USPS unless otherwise directed; different shipping rates may then apply.
1 – 4 kits, shipping $8.00
5 – 8 kits, shipping $10.00
9 - 12 kits, shipping $12.00
13 or more, ask for quote.

There are a limited number of each kit, when sold out, it will probably be a very long time until the kits are again available."

Red Caboose
P.O. Box 220
La Salle, Co. 80645