Great Northern 50' PC&F Double Door Boxcar 1967+

This silk screened decal set can be used to letter a GN Plate C Double Door boxcar, series GN 138400-138699, using the new laser cut freight car kit FC-4005 offering from Cannon & Company. (You can get information on this and other C&Co boxcar kits using this link.)

The prototype cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry and delivered to the GN from June through September of 1967. The boxcars have blue sides and ends, black trucks and underframe, and an unpainted (galvanized) roof. (No blue overspray...)

This decal set contains everything you need to letter a single car as delivered. The latest in GN logo technology is also included: These GN logos are laid out in vertical strips and specifically sized for the Cannon & Company model. You cut the logo into vertical strips, and apply, starting with the center piece, working outwards. The logo decal strips include coverage for the "top" and "sides" of the ribs, and the resulting logo is a perfect circle.

Additional photos of cars can be found in books and the internet, including George Elwood's Fallen Flags Site here. (Look for 138400-138699 series)

The decal set is printed in black and white and yellow. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $7.00 per set.

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