Chicago Burlington & Quincy HC-1C / HC-1D Covered Hopper 1961+

This decal set contains lettering for a light gray Havelock-built CB&Q 2-Bay Covered Hopper. (Think: Cement, Betonite, Sand loadings...)

CB&Q 181900-182199 HC-1C 4-61 Gray w/Placard Logo
CB&Q 182200-182249 HC-1C 5-61 Gray w/Placard Logo
CB&Q 182250-183449 HC-1D 1968 rebuilds Gray w/painted logo

This decal is designed to fit the Intermountain 1958 cu ft 2 Bay Covered Hopper. Need an accurate ACF roof to go with that? Yarmouth Model Works has got you covered here . (Scroll down on their kits page, and look for kit #103)
Enough lettering is supplied in this decal set to letter one car.

A sampling of different CAPY blocks and re-weigh dates are included for variety including both the CB&Q and BN era. These workhorses ran well into the 80s.

If you happen to have the long-sold-out CB&Q Historical Society "Burlington Bulliten" #20, there are several great photos of these cars in the issue. Don't have that? Here are some quick photo links to get you started on the Internet:

CB&Q HC-1C 181928
CB&Q HC-1D 182331
CB&Q Covered Hoppers from RRPictureArchives (Look for cars in the 181900-183449 series)

The silk screened decal set is printed in red, black and white. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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