Burlington Northern 40’ Pullman Standard Hy-Cube Boxcar

The BN rostered both ex-NP and ex-CB&Q 40' Hy-Cubes. This decal set is designed to fit the HO Scale Pullman Standard 40’ Baby Hy-Cube Boxcar by Hi-Tech Details (kit #7000).

The ex-CB&Q cars were renumbered to BN 281425-281474. I know, the NP cars made it past merger, too, but someone needs to send me a pic of one of the NP cars in BN paint before I say this decal set works for them also... This decal set is appropriate to model cars from 1970 up through (as the above photo of 281467 shows) at least 1998.

In October of 2010, this set was redrawn to improve the accuracy of the artwork. A decal diagram is included. This set is printed in black & white and includes the proper COTS plates. All you have to do is supply an ACI label and U-1 inspection dot if they are appropriate for your era.

Now, all of you BN modelers should also check out my main interest: IC and ICG Decals .

A big thank you to Chad Hewitt for his assistance in getting this set done...

Cost: $7.00 per set.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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