Burlington Northern 50' Green PS Boxcar 1972+


Use this decal set in conjunction with Cannon & Company's new Burlington Northern PS 50' Boxcar Kit

The Burlington Northern took delivery of 500 cars from Pullman Standard in November and December of 1972. The series was 321000-321499.

This decal set includes enough lettering for one complete car as delivered from Pullman's Bessemer, Alabama facility. The large logo is stretched on purpose, to compensate for laying it across the posts of the Cannon & Co kit, just like the prototype! Four different pairs of COTS are supplied, and I also included some later 1970s/80s BN era re-weigh and CAPY variations.

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The decal set is printed in black and white. A lettering diagram is included. Enough lettering is supplied to letter one complete car. (You supply your own ACI label, if needed for your era..)

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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