Burlington Northern St. Cloud MN Shop Stencils

There I was, bored again. The result? The most eagerly anticipated decal set release in 20 years.

And before any of you BN guys gets too excited, this is only 1 of 3 BN sets I make. I am pretty sure that the sheer demand for St. Cloud stencil sets will keep me so busy that I may never have a chance to draw artwork again. Clearly, I will be too busy filling orders.

A decal diagram is not included. If you are buying this set, you better know what this lettering is and where it goes. This set is printed in black & white, and includes enough lettering for a jaw-dropping 28 cars.

Now, all of you BN modelers should also check out my main interest: IC, ICG, and GM&O Decals .


Cost: $4.00 per set.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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Send Orders To:

Daniel Kohlberg
7507 North State Route 159
Moro, IL 62067