Boston & Maine GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hoppers 1957+

This decal set will help you letter the various small groups of Boston & Maine GATC 2600 cu.ft. Airslide Covered Hoppers. In HO, models from Athearn, Walthers, Eastern Car Works or Con Cor can be used. The B&M leased/owned a few small groups starting in 1957. The leased cars came online starting in 1957. 10 cars appear to have been transferred to B&M ownership in 1975. All of the cars have gray bodies and ends, and have black bays/centersills between the bolsters. The cars feature a rather unique style "B&M" on the side of the car.

GACX 42082-42086, 42943 and others, (GACX reporting marks with large B&M lettering.) 1957+
B&M 5801-5805, 5810-5814, relettered from GACX leased cars: 1975+

Enough lettering is supplied to letter up to 3 cars. Examples of the airslides lasted in B&M marks through the 1980s. Thank you to Erik Hyjek for his assistance in getting this decal set done...

A photo of GACX 42086 and 42082 can be found in the "Northern New England Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment" by Sweetland/Horsley published by Morning Sun.

The decal set is printed in black, white and red. A lettering diagram is included to illustrate both the 1957 and 1975 car groups.

Cost: $10.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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