Pennsylvania H40 GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hoppers - Plain Keystone 1964+

The PRR continued to add to their General American 2600 cu.ft. Airslide covered hopper fleet with (50) cars in 1964 and (50) cars in 1966. All of these cars were lettered in the PRR Plain Keystone (PK) lettering scheme. In HO, models from Athearn, Walthers, Eastern Car Works or Con Cor can be used. The cars have gray bodies and ends with black bays and trucks.

PRR 260421-260470 (1964 - "Early" car body)
PRR 261370-261419 (1966 - Later "Intermediate" car body)

Enough lettering is supplied to letter 2 different cars.

Additional photos:
-George Elwood's Fallen Flags Site has several images of 260464, 261373, 261390 and 261395. has images of 261410 and 261419.

The decal set is printed in black, white and red. A detailed lettering diagram is included, showing both schemes that I am aware of. You supply an ACI label if it is needed for your era, but I did work in some paint-out patches and PC style later COTS panels for those of you modeling 1974+.

Remember, this is 1 of 3 PRR Airslide sets that I make. Check out my decals sets for the 1959+ PRR/GACX Leased deliveries and 1961+ Shadow Keystone deliveries.

Cost: $10.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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