St. Louis - San Francisco (SLSF) Frisco "Later" GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hoppers 1965+


This decal set will help you letter the 6 groups of SLSF GATC 2600 cu.ft. Intermediate and Late body style Airslide Covered Hoppers. In HO, models from Athearn, Eastern Car Works or Con Cor can be used. All of the cars have gray bodies and ends, and have black bays/centersills between the bolsters.

SLSF 81523-81532, Intermediate body style 4-65+
SLSF 81533-81538, Intermediate body style 3-66+
SLSF 81539-81544, Intermediate body style 4-66+
SLSF 81545-81556, Intermediate body style 11-66+
SLSF 81557-81576, Intermediate body style 7-68+
SLSF 81577-81601, Late body style 1970+

Enough lettering is supplied to letter up to 3 different cars. This decal set replicates the "thick" style FRISCO lettering as delivered on these 6 series of cars.

Photos of the "Intermediate" body style SLSF 81535 , SLSF 81543 , SLSF 81549 can be found on George Elwood's Fallen Flags Website. Additonal photos can be found in the Morning Sun Frisco/Katy Color Guide by Nicholas J. Molo.

The decal set is printed in black, white and red. A lettering diagram is included. Thanks to Nick Molo for the extensive photo research to help get this set completed.

Cost: $12.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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