The Kansas Milling Company GATC 2600 Airslide Covered Hopper 1957+

This decal set contains lettering for a GATC 2600 cu.ft. early body style Airslide Covered Hopper leased to The Kansas Milling Company in Wichita, KS. In HO, models from Athearn, Eastern Car Works or Con Cor can be used. The cars have gray bodies and ends, and have black bays/centersills between the bolsters.

The Kansas Milling Co. was purchased by Ross Industries in 1959, and Ross logos are included to model cars that has them added post 1959.

Example cars include at least GACX 42810-42816 (Square shaker brackets, cars originally built in 1957)

Enough lettering is supplied to letter one car.

The decal set is printed in red, white, black and blue. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $6.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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