Illinois Central Gulf ACF "Precision Design" 50' Boxcar

The Illinois Central took delivery of 200 50' ACF boxcars in April of 1967. These cars, part of the "Precision Design" series by ACF, are easily identifiable with their indented panel area to the right of the 10' door. After the IC and GM&O merger, several of these cars were repainted into full ICG livery. They became series ICG 590300-590499.

This decal set is specifically aimed at the newly-announced Atlas 50' HO ACF Boxcar. All of the lettering can be used on other ICG 50' boxcars as well.

This decal set includes all of the lettering required for one car. Use this decal set to model cars repainted between 1972 and 1978. This set does include ALL of your specific data. You only need to supply correct COTS/Lube plates and the ACI label appropriate for your era.

Additional ICG lettering (to model oddball variations etc. in this series) can be found in the companion decal set ICG General Freight Set.

This set is printed in black and white. A detailed lettering diagram is included.


Cost: $6.00 per set.

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